28. Oktober 2021

Bitcoin transaction of $1.15 billion cost $3.65

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $13,691.65. That’s 4.40% more than 24 hours ago.

If you now want to buy Bitcoin Circuit review for $100 you will get about 0.0073 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $253,683,423,136.15 with a circulation of 18,528,331 BTC.

Remarkable news from Asia, as Singapore’s largest bank starts selling Bitcoin (BTC) and a number of other crypt currencies. This is what DBS, with over 5 million customers, is announcing on its website today.

This makes it the largest fiat gateway to cryptocurrency’s in the country. They offer four fiat currencies: Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar and the Japanese yen. These are linked to Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

According to investor Su Zhu, this makes the threshold to invest in cryptocurrency a lot lower. He is a minority shareholder in Deribit through his investment house Three Arrows Capital.
End of rainy season has impact on Bitcoin mining, drop hashrate of 27%

There seems to be an end to the rise of the Bitcoin network’s computing power. Where the hashrate has set a new record in recent months, this trend is now over. According to several sources, this has to do with the end of the rainy season in China.

Yesterday October mining specialist Thomas Heller of Hashr8 reported a decrease of about 22 exahashes per second (EH/s) over the last few days. Looking at the weather forecasts, this is synchronous with the end of the season.

Biggest Bitcoin transaction ever of $1.15 billion! Whale leaves mysterious message

Monday afternoon, something special happened: a whale sent the largest Bitcoin (BTC) transaction ever. Although that in itself is quite special, there is also something else going on with this payment. The owner left a mysterious message in the blockchain.
Bitcoin transaction

Because the blockchain is public and transparent, anyone can view it. But because you can enter the network pseudonymously and enter your own private key anonymously, you still have financial privacy. Partly for this reason, we do not automatically know who is behind this large transaction.

So we can get more about this transaction out of the blockchain. The payment entered the blockchain yesterday at 15:58 in block 654.364. And then the most important thing of this transaction: the amount.

A total of 88857.24519026 BTC has been sent and divided into two new UTXO’s of about the same amount. The payment was split into ~43,185 BTC and ~45,671 BTC.

If you convert that with the current spot price we can conclude that for $1,155,141,000 the owner has changed hands.